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Letter from Corporate Quality Head

Cyrus M. Dordi, Corporate Quality Head (PQM & CSG)Cyrus M. Dordi, Corporate Quality Head (PQM & CSG)Arid, bleak, brown, flat, grey, very sombre and vapid is most likely the repute that concrete has amongst us but it really has more value that what meets the eye! 

Produced at an estimated rate of five billion cubic yards per year, concrete is the second most widely consumed substance on this planet, superseded only by water. However, it is easily taken for granted as the stuff of sidewalks, roads and utilitarian structures...

We, at Foundations: The Ambuja Knowledge Centre, believe that...


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Thirtieth National Convention of Civil Engineers and National Seminar on 'Sustainable Urban Development' (October 18-19, 2014), organized by the 'The Institution of Engineers (India), Maharashtra State Center.

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Shanghai Tower – The Spiralling Structural Legend
The ever changing skyline of Shanghai, changes yet again to make way for the mammoth, SHANGAI TOWER...


Architecture is an old profession; we have known architects as early as the 12th and 13th Century BC. Leonardo Da Vinci, Brunelleschi, Michaelangelo are all from the 15th and 16th Century. But they are also considered painters and artists more than as architects alone. The ones who are more famous as architects are the 20th Century architects, some long gone, some still with us here in the 21st Century.

AKC Updates

Launch of Mumbai AKC – May 2010

The Mumbai AKC stands as an epitome of the fundamentals of Ambuja’s Initiative, it being the commercial capital of the Ambuja Cements Group. The spatial articulation of AKC addresses the need to showcase innovation along with points of inspiration and interaction.


Concrete Gallery

"Opportunity does not knock. You have to find it."
— Sumner Redstone


Innovations in Concrete - Winners Announced
Ambuja Foundations is proud to have hosted the Innovations in Concrete competition – A congregation of projects, which brought forth the unrealised capabilities of concrete. It gives us a great pleasure to hereby announce the winners of the competition. concrete.



Áron Losonczi, inventor, Litracon™- Light Transmitting Concrete.

Now construction-grade concrete can transmit light. Though not totally transparent, the optical fibres embedded within it allow the concrete to transmit sufficient light to allow for some interesting (and useful) applications.

Litracon™ presents...