Bhavnagar AKC Event Details July-2016 to Sept-2016

EventTopicScheduled Dates DurationLearning Objectives
Technical WorkshopConcrete Mix Design15-09-201616-09-2016 To create awareness for proper mix design, to get good strength, cohesive concrete, & durable concrete.
Technical Workshop     
Technical LecturesVoided slab technology30-07-2016  Large spans & cantilevers without beams allow flexibility. Less depth of structure= lower floor to floor heights, or more head room.
 yet to decide12-08-2016   
 yet to decide12-09-2016   
Appraising Large ProjectsBurj Dubai08-08-2016   
 Channel Tunnel09-09-2016   


1. All the full day events will include lunch & two tea breaks(The cost included in registration fees).

2. All the evening events will be followed by high-tea (The events are free of registration charges).

3. Please register for the event well-in-advance for helping us in ensuring better arrangements as well as for avoiding disappointment because of No Room.

4. For Registration call us on 022-40667620 OR e-mail us at OR visit us at