Meghna Residence - Shatotto


Giving due consideration to context, climate and culture of the place, Dhaka based Shatotto reinterpret the urban green in Meghna Residence ... Read More>>

Brentwood Residence - MLK Studio


MLK Studio in collaboration with Belzberg Architects was commissioned to create a complete interior design scheme in a neutral color palett ... Read More>>

Diverse Perception of Concrete - Sobrino House


AE4 Studio with an inventive use of concrete has turned its rawness into a light and airy material. 

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Desert Wing: The Kendle House


While much of the surrounding homes echo themes from distant European cultures of centuries past, this home speaks of its specific place in ... Read More>>

Cliff House - Khosla Associates


Exploring the notion of creating linear abstract compositions, an unexpected play of natural light and juxtaposition of elements, Bengaluru ... Read More>>

Courteous Courtyard House - AANGAN Architects


Surat-based AANGAN Architects’ design of the Courteous Courtyard House delicately negotiates the contextual constraints and landscape ... Read More>>

Residence in Surat

Located on a plot of 325 sqm, this three-floor structure covers up 410 sqm of built up area. The ground level comprises of a covered parking area, a multipurpose space, a servant’s room and an office space that functions as a pedestal for th ... Read More>>

Nove project

The NOVE Project consists of two adjacent residences at a corner site in Aspen’s historic West End. Traditionally, this neighbourhood consisted of Victorian-Era houses and 1960s ski-bum solutions; however, this context is experiencing great ... Read More>>

Gairola House

The design of the Gairola House by Delhi-based Anagram Architects aimed at creating extroverted spaces for fundamental interchange of social behaviour out of the existing building requirements. The house was designed keeping a purely rental market ... Read More>>

Bamboo House

The programme was to build a house for a family with a multifunctional space, kitchenette and a toilet. The planning was developed on a grid that measured 4 x 4 ft, based on the structural efficiency of the material. The positive outcome of grid p ... Read More>>

The Ascent

Sited along the riverfront, the Ascent at Roebling’s Bridge, Libeskind’s first residential high-rise in the United States, provides a dynamic addition to the greater Cincinnati area skyline.

Completed in March 2008, the ... Read More>>

Alibaug House

The site for this home is a hill in Alibaug that enjoys a stunning view, not only of the rolling contours surrounding it, but also of the sea and the Mumbai skyline across the water.

Conceptually, the design of the home is a departu ... Read More>>

Acharya House

The Acharya House evolved in form from a square block that defined its internal space. The open space concept was developed by allowing the exploration of this defined form externally along one edge as a garden, which allows the private enclosed s ... Read More>>

Penthouse of Spenta Towers

On their first visit, the designers were overwhelmed by the breath-taking view of the city from the penthouse and could not avoid incorporating it in the décor as a large canvas. The apartment was arranged on two levels around a lift core a ... Read More>>

Sushanti Farmhouse

For clients Lincoln and Agnes D’Souza, the farmhouse ‘Sushanti,’ is an addition to an existing house that sits within a large plantation on the edge of a river in rural Maharashtra.

The architect describes the proj ... Read More>>