Zamet Center - 3LHD


Designed by Croatian architectural firm 3LHD, Zamet Center, the undulating Croatian sports center is an Urban Design Masterpiece, which def ... Read More>>

Veer Sawarkar Sports Complex – Arya Architects


Far away from the hustle-bustle of the busy city of Ahmedabad, Veer Sawarkar Sports Complex, an expanse of 8500sqm, is almost invisible to the public eye; its interiors secretly un ... Read More>>

Sunset Chapel - BNKR Architects


The Sunset Chapel designed by the famous Mexican firm BNKR Architectura is austere and striking in its architectural form with its bare con ... Read More>>

Pearl Academy of Fashion - Morphogenesis


 Set in a rather lifeless Kukas industrial suburb of Jaipur, the Pearl Academy of Fashion is an institution of excellence set in a hot-dry climatic context.
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Heathrow Airport T5 - Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners with YRM

Terminal 5 has been created with the basic premise of making air travel easy through one of the world’s busiest airport hubs – London Heathrow. This has been achieved through close collaboration between BAA, British Airways and thei ... Read More>>

IIM, Bangalore - B. V. Doshi


Designing  for  the  Institute's  extensive  academic  programme  with  its  ... Read More>>

Gallery Yeh - Unsandong Architects Cooperation


Shaping a gallery space into a vertical piazza encased in a concrete skin is Unsandong Architects Cooperation, an architectural firm based ... Read More>>

IAC Building - Frank Gehry


Constructed in concrete, California based architect Frank Gehry’s IAC buildings in New York is a dynamic well-designed building with ... Read More>>

National Portrait Gallery - Johnson Pilton Walker Architects


Johnson Pilton Walker Architects, a Sydney-based architectural firm embraces the creativity and diversity of the Australian character t ... Read More>>

Icelandic Institute of Natural History - ARKÍS

Immersing the tactile aspects of form, materials and sustainable schemes in the planimetric organisation of the Icelandic Institute of Natural History, Iceland-based architects ARKÍS initiate a dialogue with nature.

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Vitra Fire Station

The design for this project was initiated with an overall study of the factory site. The architects’ intention was to place the elements of the commission in such a way that they would not be lost between the enormous factory sheds. They als ... Read More>>

The Thomas Deacon Academy

The Thomas Deacon Academy, the largest in the UK has 2,200 students from three pre-existing schools. The construction of the new building began in June 2005, as part of a large-scale programme by the government, which entailed the building and upg ... Read More>>

The Dutch Embassy

The Dutch Embassy creates a context of its own. Satisfying the brief and the existing regulations, the design is divided into two blocks – the perimeter block and the main embassy building. The aluminium exterior of the perimeter building pr ... Read More>>

Shenzhen University Town Administrative Centre and Library

Designed as an upstanding dragon with its head resting on a layer of mirroring water, the Shenzhen Library intends to become a ‘gateway icon’ for the new tripartite university campus formed by Chin Hua, Harbin and Beijing University ca ... Read More>>

School of Architecture, Florida International University

The School of Architecture by the Florida International University has been revamped after more than 3 decades of being tucked away in another school's building on a suburban Miami campus. The new design is as interactive and fascinating as it is ... Read More>>

Pearl Academy of Fashion

The project is set in the typical hot, dry desert-type climate on the outskirts of Jaipur. Given the nature of an institution, budgetary constraints on the project necessitated the use of cost effective design solutions to stay within the price po ... Read More>>

Vastaad Lahuji Salve Arogya Kendra

For this project, the architect used the triangle, a historically monumental form, to evoke the building’s function as a memorial space. The design unfolds as a triangular plan, comprising two wings that unite in a corner entrance and embrac ... Read More>>